Cloud Accounting

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R H Jeffs & Rowe can help you set up and maintain a cloud accounting system.
Cloud accounting is book-keeping software on the internet not on a local hard
drive or server.

You pay is a monthly fee for the privilege of using the software, you don’t have
to download anything on your computer; you don’t need to back-up data; you
don’t pay for annual subscription and updates

The benefits of cloud accounting software are:

  • Price – there is no need to pay upfront fee as you would with a desktop
    accounting package, because you pay monthly. It requires no updates as
    they are automatically included in the price as is the cost of maintenance,
    system administration costs and server failures.
  • Ease of access is the prime advantage of cloud accounting. You or your
    employees can access the business’s financial data from anywhere
    worldwide, at any time without having to download and install anything on
    their desktop. All you need is a smartphone or laptop connected to the
  • Real time financial information – cloud accounting will give you and your
    businesses up-to-date and current financial information.
  • Backup and data security are included – The level of availability and
    security, backup and disaster recovery offered greatly exceeds the level
    which a businesses can provide if the application is housed on-site.
  • Making Tax Digital – if the business requires a digital tax account cloud
    based package should streamline with HMRC requirements.
  • Availability of apps which can be used to tailor the cloud package to the
    requirements of the businesses.

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