Advice for Secretaries

Retention Of Records

In many ways the most attractive idea is just to destroy a club’s records the moment we have finished with them. This frequently happens when a new secretary is appointed, however, such a procedure is not recommended. We list below the minimum retention period laid down by convention and legal requirements. In some cases it may be wise to hold records for longer:-

Retain for six years plus the current year:

  • Accounting records, – cash book, bank statements, invoices, paying in counterfoils etc.
  • Payroll records, P45’s, P60’s etc.


  • Contract under seal
  • Deeds of covenant (6 years after last payment)


  • Rule Book
  • Copy of filed rule book amendments
  • Certificate of change of name


  • Every club should display in a conspicuous position the following records
  • Latest Balance Sheet and auditors report thereon
  • Insurance policy certificates
  • Premises License

Records should be stored on site, and should not be taken to the home of the secretary or other officers.  It is advisable to acquire a storage box for each year’s records; the box should be clearly marked with the year the records relate to.  At the end of the retention period the contents of the box can be carefully destroyed.  Finally, before you take the ultimate step do a final check to ensure all the records are dispensable.