Questions from Banks

The bank has asked why we have ‘limited’ at the end of the society’s name but we are not on the Companies House register?

This is one of a number of common questions asked of clubs by banks and other organisations, others are; who are the Directors?; confirm no one member owns more than 25% of the share capital.

Such questions are a misunderstanding of the nature of clubs and the Cooperative & Community Benefit Societies Act and Friendly Society Acts legislation under which most are formed. Companies House is a register of companies who are registered under the Companies Act. The register of corporate entities registered under the Industrial & Provident Society Act and Friendly Society Act is maintained by the Financial Conduct Authority and can be accessed through the ‘mutual societies’ section of their website at

A few clubs remain unincorporated associations and we would strongly recommended to these clubs that they seek corporate status and limited liability by incorporating under the model rules of one of the sponsoring bodies. Please contact us if you require further details on the benefits of incorporation and limited liability.