Club Steward

Steward Pay

We are frequently asked to give guidance regarding the rates of pay and terms under which Clubs in South Wales employ their Steward/Stewardess. This would give the club guidance on, for example, how much to offer when advertising for a new Steward.

Whist it is a good idea to calculate some form of standard rates of pay, beyond the normal national minimum wage, the problem is that are so many constituent factors. The size of the Club, the number of Members, the responsibilities involved, the area and the length of service which can have a dramatic effect.

Apart from the obvious factors mention above, there are then additional points such as residential accommodation being provided, and whether or not a catering franchise might be involved.

In practical terms, it is very difficult to produce a model list of averages. Clubs should contact a small number of local Clubs which are of a similar size, to ascertain a local average. From this you will see whether you are heading in the right direction with your own package, bearing in mind, of course, the factors mentioned above.