Club Steward

Stewards Duties

The steward’s duties should be clearly defined. The steward is responsible for the premises and should make sure an inspection of all the rooms to ensure they are clean and tidy. The steward should supervise other employees who work behind the bar as the stock and takings are the steward’s responsibility.

All employees, however are under the full control of the committee, it is the committee who are ultimately responsible for the club employees and have sole authority of appointment and dismissal. Thus, although other employees work under the supervision of the steward, they are employed by the committee on behalf of the club.

The principal duties of the steward are:

  • To see that the club premises are opened and closed as provided for in the rules and that the registered hours for the supply of intoxicants are strictly observed.
  • To see that a record of all goods received is kept and entered in the “Goods Received” Book for checking with tradesmen’s invoices.
  • To see that the exact amount of each day’s takings is entered in the “Steward’s Takings Book” and that the money is banked.
  • To liaise closely with the club’s Secretary and to bring to the Secretary’s attention any matter relating to the club’s business or of any known breach of the club’s rules.
  • To see that persons not entitled to be on the club’s premises are asked to leave and that persons who are not entitled to be supplied with intoxicating liquor are not served.
  • To be present when the stock is arranged in order that the various articles may be easily recorded.