Procedures At Meetings

General Committee Meetings

The following is an example of the order of proceedings:-

1. Minutes of previous meeting: These should be read by the secretary and, if agreed as correct, signed by the chairman.

2. Finance Committee report: This report should cover:-

  • All receipts and expenses
  • Cash in Hand
  • Details of accounts owing
  • Steward stocktake
  • Confirmation that the cash book has been compared with the bank statement.

3. Accounts to be paid: All accounts payable should be checked and approved by those responsible.

4. Stock report: Their report upon the condition of the stock and surplus.

5. Election of new members:

6. Reports: These may be presented by:-
a) The secretary
b) Sub-committees
c) Delegates.

7. Correspondence: All notices and letters received should be reported and read, and such action taken as necessary.

8. Intervening general Meeting: Business arisen out of a General Meeting which requires discussion by the committee.

9. Motions:

10 Any other business.